Art @ The Kingfisher

The Café supports local artists by exhibiting and selling their work (for a small commission). If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact Anna on: 07867 521 262

Meet some of our artists @ The Kingfisher

It has always been our intention for our Cafe to be a gallery to showcase some of our local residents and a very talented diverse bunch they are too. Come in and check out their work.


LionCub Creations

Lioncub Creations provides handknitted and handmade crafty items specialisising in baby clothing, home decor and general decorations and prettiness! Check out her Facebook page


Rebekah Leigh Marshall

Rebekah Leigh Marshall is an artist, illustrator and maker living in Bristol, UK. She has studied photography and digital imaging at college level and then went on to complete a Fine Art degree in 2007. Since then degree she has found herself drawn to the world of illustration and pattern design. Rebekah Leigh Marshall


Blue Fish Designs

Clare Forsyth from Blue Fish Designs is a local web designer and graphic artist. She lives in Fishponds and offers many digital services and has designed other local business websites including ours! Check out her website.



For many years Katy has been a 'crafter' making gifts for all her friends and family and often had a "you could sell these" response. So Katy thought she would give it a go.  Itsybitsytinytoes started with knitting but a look on pinterest sparked her sewing off with a vengance.  Each pair of shoes are individually handmade, mostly from upcycled materials, and are a one off.  Commisions are welcome if you have a specific colour or design element in mind. Find ItsyBitsyTinyToes on FaceBook or visit her Etsy Shop


Jimmer Willmott

My work swims in adaptation, one piece twists out from another and grows into something new. This is what truly makes me tick. Letting myself go wondering off on wild tangents of exploration, allowing old work to take on new slants and subject matter to create new work .I find this moment of creation is most interesting in the quirky, weird moments of life. I move from one medium to the next and on and on or back again. Always developing and evolving ideas. I hope you feel the same sort of excitement and buzz when you look at my art, as I felt creating it.